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PAM Assessments provides parenting reports with an expert overview for children and family lawyers as well as local authorities throughout Greater London. We effectively assess parental capabilities using the PAMS parenting assessment software and present the data we have gathered in a format appropriate for legal proceedings. PAM Assessments also aids parents to improve their parenting skills to ensure the safety, overall well-being and development of children throughout London.

We work with various industry professionals such as local authorities and legal practitioners conducting these PAMS parenting reports throughout Greater London. At PAM Assessments, we understand that parenting styles differ and not every parent uses the same style for child care. We also work with child protection services to evaluate concerns about children and parenting. These reports are then used as a guide by social services to assess families and parents when there are child protection concerns.

The experts in conducting PAMS Assessments in the North West, Lancashire and London

During each a PAMS assessment, social services evaluate the parenting based on the following:

  • environmental health
  • child care and development
  • independent living skills
  • safety
  • behaviour management
  • parents’ health
  • relationships and support
  • the community and its impact

By looking at all of these different areas social services will get a good idea and evaluate the environment that the child will be raised in. These will determine the suitability of the environment for the child or children.

PAMS Assessments works independently traveling throughout the boroughs in London providing expertly compiled parental assessment reports.

Margaret Henry : Independent Social Worker London | PAM Assessments

About PAM Assessments

PAM Assessments was founded in 2014 by Margaret Henry, independent social worker with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. PAM Assessments is part of the Beyond Social Work group of companies and specialises in providing parenting assessments for local authorities and legal professionals throughout London.

PAM Assessments London | Child Care & Development | Independent Social Worker London

PAMS Assessments Covers

Child Care and Development
Behavioural Management
Independent Living Skills
Safety and Hygiene
Parental Health
Relationships and Support Structures
Impact of the Environment and Community on Parenting

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